What’s the Latest News on the Cubs?

With Spring Training just around the corner, news has been slow. However, their have been news and more moves could be on the way. Here’s the latest from the slow part of the rumor mill:

If you think Alfonso Soriano will be on a different team for the upcoming season, you could be mistaking. Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said he does not expect Fonzie to be on another team anytime soon. Hoyer said “we feel Soriano still has stuff left in the tank”. We have hard rumors for the most of the off-season that the Cubs are shopping Fonzie and want to deal him. The Cubs were reportedly talking to the Baltimore Orioles about a Alfonso Soraino trade and may have came to terms on a deal. But Soriano may have blocked a trade (has a full no-trade cause) because he wants to be traded to a contender, if dealt. The main reason the Cubs want to trade Soraino is because top prospect Brett Jackson is near the majors and if the Cubs sign 26-year old Cuban Yoenis Cespedes.

Could Matt Garza receive an extension with the Cubs soon? Jed Hoyer loves Matt and wants him to be apart of their future. He goes on to say, we want more of  ‘matt’ kind of pitchers and not less. Matt Garza has also been in the rumor mill all off-season. Since the Cubs are getting younger and going more of the ‘rebuilding’ route, bringing in more young/upcoming prospects could be for the best. Teams that have interest are or have in the past are the … Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. With the Tigers and the Blue Jays as the favorites. I think there’s a better chance Garza is traded rather than signing an extension; however, and extension wouldn’t surprise me and I wouldn’t be oppose to it. I bet the Cubs, at the latest, will have a decision by the July 31st trade deadline.

I could not finish up without saying anything about Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes. Cespedes recently received a vistor’s visa to come to the United States. Him and his agent scheduled a meeting with the Miami Marlins. In the meeting, the Marlins gave him a tour of their new ballpark. Also, the Marlins could have offered him a contract, but were seen as they didn’t. Cespedes told a reporter in Spanish that he would love to sign with the Marlins. He has watched their every move in the off-season and thinks they are close to a World Series ring. The Marlins have said they will go all out in trying to sign Cespedes. However, George Ofman of WGN sports says a team has made a big offer for Cespedes and it’s not the Marlins. I would not be surprise if it is the Cubs (since they went all out and did what they could to sign 18-year old Geraldo Concepcion). Ofman also says the White Sox are in and the Detroit Tigers are not in as of now. The White Sox have been shy of spending all off-seasn and I can’t see them offering a big bid For Cespedes. Hot Stove Cubbies says the Cubs have spoken with Cespedes more than once. The Cubs have done a extensive scouting report on Cespedes and seem to like him a lot. Member, Cespedes said the Cubs were the most ‘aggressive’ team in on him a few weeks back. That’s why they could have been the team to make the offer.

Jayson Stark of ESPN.com says Yoenis Cespedes could head back to the Dominican Republic as soon as of today. He has no meetings scheduled with any teams as of now, according to his agent.

Cespedes could talk to teams, negotiate a contract with teams and agree to tearms on a deal … but can not officially sign with a team yet. Until he receives his unblocking licence with the OFAC. That could happen any time soon. Definitely since his agent wants Cespedes to be in Spring Training with his club that he signs with.

So … that’s the latest from the sloooow rumor mill. By the way, pitchers and catches report to Fitch Park in 9 days.

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