White Sox Baseball: Shape up or BREAK UP!

Anyone who follows baseball knows it has been a hard year for the Sox. If you are a Sox fan then you know that this year has been a disater and you would do anything to have this season end.  I believe there is still much hope and they have great young talent on this team. The Sox were supposed to have one of the best rotation’s and one of the best bullpen’s in baseball. However, the rotation is one of the worst. Here is the White Sox, by the numbers.

Jon Danks (3-2, 2.25 era)

Jake Peavy (3-2, 5.37 era)

Mark Buehrle (2-5, 5.26 era)

Gavin Floyd (1-4 7.00 era)

Freddy Garcia (3-2, 4.50)

Those numbers are shocking to Sox fans all over.  I would estimate that 90% of fans didn’t want Freddy Garcia and now he is our 2nd best pitcher,  Minus the fact that he had an 0-2 start, he has bounced back to a 3-2 start.  He is tied for the most wins amongst pitchers on the team and has the 2nd best ERA.

The stats that Mark is putting up are staggering.  After a shut out performance on Opening Day and a win again his next start, Mark has been win less since mid-April. He has been the ace of this staff for 9 years and even threw a perfect game last year.  Most pitchers in the 5 spot of the rotation are better then Mark this season and if the losses keep coming for Mark AND the Sox then we could see him sent packing to a new city for the 1st time in his career.

Speaking of Trade Rumors, AJ has been a hot topic the last week or so.  Last week reports were surfacing that the Rangers had interest in trading for the vetern catcher.  It is unclear what the Sox would want back in a deal considering how many spots they may need to fill.

The Biggest surprise of the whole season has been Gordon Beckham.  Beckham is going throug a sophomore slump as he is only hitting .188.  Beckham was brought up early in his career and I am wondering if the organization got a little to excited last year.  Ozzie Guillen has even threatned to send him down to Triple-A to work on his swing.

The Sox have had an obvious gap all season in the middle of the order.  They lost a huge spark plug in Jermaine Dye and failed to replace him during the off-season. Many are wondering if the Sox will go after Adrian Gonzalez, the Padres first basemen.  However, the Padres are in 1st place in the NL West and I would guess are in no hurry to trade there star.

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