White Sox Try Deadine Shocker, Come Up Short (For Now)

Kenny Williams is never one to shy away from the Trade Deadline blockbuster.  According to reports from FOX Sports, the White Sox made a run at Manny Ramirez.

So far, the deal has stalled, but we are still hours from the deadline.

Any thought of Manny Ramirez in the middle of the Sox lineup would have Sox fans giddy.  Sure Adam Dunn would be nice, and yeah Lance Berkman would help, but Manny Ramirez.  That would have been something.

However, and I say this just about every year, you cannot fully trust all you hear about these rumors.  What I mean by that is NOT that Kenny and the Sox were not hot after Ramirez, but that this thing may not be dead yet.

Kenny Williams is the kind of guy who likes to keep his business secret.  He likes to lead the media in a different direction than what really may be happening.

So what can this mean?

Well, it could be that the Sox are still in pursuit of Manny.  It could be that Kenny is trying to get the media off the Dunn situation so he can close that.  It could even be that he is leading everyone is a completely different direction so that he can pull something off even bigger than anything we’ve heard yet.

Yeah, Manny would have been nice.  And yes, Manny still will look nice if that deal is completed.  But don’t let the “failed run” headlines get you down yet.

Save those for 3:00 PM Central.

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