Who will be the Cubs 3B in ’12?

As the season concluded today, many can start thinkin’ of the offseason. One of the moves to look forward too, is who will be the Cubs 3B when the 2012 season kicks off. There are options, but without a GM, no one knows the answer and the direction the Cubs will go.

1) Re-Sign Aramis Ramirez: Ramirez said he wants to finish his career with the Cubs, but he also has stated in the lines of “I don’t want to be here if the Cubs are going to go through a re-building mode” and “I don’t know if I want to re-sign, due to the GM vacancy”. Ramirez wants to win, so it all does make sense; however, if he was true to his word, he would have accepted a trade at or by the trade deadline. Ramirez wants a multi-year deal and is expected to test the free agent market for that kind of deal. The Florida Marlins are expected to pursue Ramirez and may give him the contract he wants. Ramirez said today he’s more incline to sign with the Marlins because Ozzie Guillen is their new manager.

2) Sign a 3B: This is probably not an option as there are no good or ok 3B on the free agent market. Ramirez is the best free agent 3B by miles and one of the top hitters on the market. If the Cubs were to sign a free agent 3B, not Ramirez, it may not be worth it. It could be a better idea to go the cheaper route and play a player that’s been in the minors.

3) Trade for a 3B: If the Cubs decide they want to win and do not sign Ramirez, a trade may have to be made. There will be 3B’s available and one big name that could be is David Wright. He currently plays for the New York Mets and the Mets may dangle him to see what they can get for him. The Mets could be shedding payroll and to shed his 16M in 2012 would be nice. He was said to be available at the trade deadline. But he wasn’t actively being shopped and the Mets retained him. Wright will cost, but he surely will be worth it. There will be other 3B available via trade, but not sure who yet.

4) DJ LeMahieu: If the Cubs cannot sign Ramirez and do not trade for a 3B, the next best option is to give DJ LeMahieu a chance. DJ killed the ball in the minors and should be ok with the bat in the majors. He hasn’t done too good with the bat in the majors as of yet, but with given time, I expect him to be fine. But we all know this for a fact, he’s a good defender and will be. That will at least be in their mind when given consideration.

5) Josh Vitters: This move won’t happen, but there could be a slight chance. Just look at the Tyler Colvin situation 2 years ago. Anything is possible. Vitters has not played higher than Double A and I think that’s one reason he won’t make the majors. Vitters was a 1st round pick by the Cubs and was the Cubs top prospect for years. But he’s been injured a few times and dropped on the list.

We won’t know which option until we know what direction the Cubs are going to go…re-building or competing.

Out of all the options, I think option one is the most likely, re-signing Aramis Ramirez.

What do y’all think…who will be the Cubs 3B when the 2012 season kicks off?


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