Welcome to the inaugural edition of WCR.  With this weekly synopsis of all things Chicago Sports, I will supply you with the biggest stories and wildest events highlighting the sporting events of the greatest sports city in the world. I plan on discussing all major sports, and may even throw in a few sports that no one really cares about; like Big 10 Football…or…soccer.  These articles will most likely be a little lengthier (and in many instances, not as serious) than you’ve become accustomed to on ChiCitySports, so feel free to peruse while you have the time, find your favorite team and read up on the happenings, or hope your boss doesn’t walk into your office unannounced and enjoy the rants and ramblings (as well as the links, which may or may not be necessary).

With no further ado, we will kick it off with the most obvious place to start.

It took the Bulls until game 5 of the playoffs to play like the cared about winning, and sure enough it parlayed into a 27 point blowout of mythical domination.  Joakim Noah used the motivation of his grandfather attending his first ever NBA game to get under the skin of several Pacers players and fire up the crowd, and the end result was Josh McRoberts throwing a punch you would expect to see from, well… a privileged rich kid who attended a college like Duke.  An angry McRoberts was quoted saying “I was trying to shove back and defend myself,” after he and Noah got tangled up.  Indiana interim coach Frank Vogel countered that later:  “He said he got an elbow in the throat. In this series, everyone got an elbow in the throat.”  Props to the coach whom will soon have his interim tag removed for being honest in that sense.

Danny Granger continued to run his mouth after the game.  He reportedly said about Noah: “He’s a dirty player, honestly.” That amused me about as much as Jeff Foster complaining that he got elbowed and it went uncalled.   You know what they say about Karma. (This is completely unrelated, but I laughed pretty hard at the irony.  See it?)

Congratulations to the Bulls on putting away a pesky Pacers team without resorting to the hard fouls that we all expected and most of us were rooting for.  Rest up, get healthy, and someone remind Boozer how much he’s making.  We’ll end this section by giving Darren Collison a five-gallon bucket of saline solution to help him get that last Bogans 3-Ball out of his eye, as well as with the most epic blocked shot in recent memory.

It was an epic series that unfortunately just didn’t go the way of the Blackhawks.  Last night the Canucks of Vancouver eliminated Chicago from the playoffs in their 4th and final attempt.   Though none of us were surprised the ‘Hawks lost the series (we were an 8 seed playing a 1 afterall) Chicago push Vancouver to the limit.

There are several people, both in the media and in the wide world of random,  that seemed to believe the Blackhawks weren’t interested in playing at times and often got frustrated at their seeming lack of urgency..or just flat out don’t like them.  Like this guy.  And these people.  And especially this guy.

Regardless, Blackhawk fans need to be thankful for the last 12 months of their sport viewing lives.  Not only did they win the Stanley Cup last June, but even after the higher-ups were pretty much forced to blow up the bench of this team, they played admirably this season.  Yeah, they backed their way into the playoffs, and backed their way into a game 7 of the first round, but at least they didn’t back their way out of the playo….well…nevermind.  Take a shot and cue the Chelsea Dagger!

Not much to say here, other than a quick congrats to your and my favorite diabetic!  Jay Cutler and “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari got engaged in Mexico over the last few days.  Instead of sending you to mindless links for the sake of fun, I instead offer up this, this, this, and this.  Congrats you bastard, now go win us a championship.

At least all the baseball fans in Chicago are happier than the hockey fans!  Wait, what do you mean the Sox are looking up at the Indians?  And the Twins?  THE ROYALS?!?  Yeah, the White Sox are in last place in the surprisingly competitive AL Central, but all is not lost yet.  They still boast a nice line-up that just isn’t hitting right now, and their pitching staff is “good enough” to compete.  And although this hasn’t happened yet this year, this and this did just today in the 1st inning of the Sox loss to the Yankees.

The White Sox have too much offense to be too worried.  Their fans are probably pissed, especially this one, but they will find a way to turn it around.  Or they better at least; Ozzie’s job may depend on it.

And, ironically enough, we end with the Cubs at the bottom.  Ahh, don’t fret Cubs fans.   The Northsiders may be in 5th in arguably the worst division in baseball, but they’re only two games behind 1st place team’s Cincinnati, Milwaukee and St. Louis.  They also have one of the best up-and-comers in the game.  Not only does Starlin Castro lead the league in hits at this point in the season, he also leads the league in thisImpressive!


Well guys and gals, that’s it for round 1.  Any comments, questions, cussin’s or discussions?  Leave ’em in the comments.  Let me know how to make it better.

Enjoy Chicago, Enjoy Sports.

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