Winter Meetings latest; Cubs rumors gaining steam

Wednesday– After being quite the first two days of the winter meetings, it appears the Cubs are ready and eager to make a move. Talks between the Cubs and Rockies has been silenced for the night. It is unclear if the Theo Epstein is willing to move Tyler Colvin. Even though Colvin had a rough 2011 season, he is still very young and shows great potential.

Now, the Cubs are in talks with the Texas Rangers about starting pitcher, Matt Garza. Even though he is one of the cubs best pitcher, if they can receive good prospects Garza will be on the move. The Cubs are trying to get a few of the Ranger’s top prospects but the two clubs have yet to find a match to agree upon.

Next, talk about Prince Fielder joining the Cubs has gained some attention. Newsday reporter, Kevin Davidoff, broke news that a friend of Fielder said that Prince is “very interested” in the Cubs. The Cubs appear to be a good suit for the left-handed slugger, but the long term contract that Fielder is looking for, may stop the Cubs from signing him. The only other team that has been involved in talks about Fielder are the Seattle Mariners. The rumor that the Cubs offered Fielder seven years $140 million has not been confirmed by anyone close with the meetings. Therefore, these rumors are more than likely false. Especially since Theo has made it clear that he does not want to hand out long term contracts.

Finally, rumors continue about Albert Pujols. It was believed that the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals were the only possibilities for the former MVP. However, with the signing of Mark Buehrle the Marlins have taken their offer off the table. Although it is highly likely that Pujols will return to St. Louis, the Los Angeles Angels and one more “mystery” team have made a late push to sign Pujols. There is a chance the mystery team could be the Cubs, but it is still unsure.

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