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Bulls win season opener 104-80

The 2014-15 edition of the Running of the Chicago Bulls is back, and boy did they look good against the New York Knicks. Their 104-80 win had many positive points and if you did not notice, the minutes were spread out evenly. Coming into the season the biggest concerns were Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah’s legs. Coach Tom Thibodeau said that they would be monitored to start the season and he stuck by his word ...

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Chicago Bulls Player Value Rankings, Part 1

Finally, the annual Chicago Bulls player value rankings are back. The concept is pretty simple. I’m going to rank every Bulls player in a similar fashion to Bill Simmons’ annual trade value rankings. Instead of ranking the most valuable players across the league, I've decided to make a list of just the Chicago Bulls’ players. Before starting the list, here are some rules for my rankings.  This list only inc ...

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Bulls Over Kings in Season Opener

The Sacramento Kings visit the United Center to kick off the NBA regular season against the Bulls. On Hallow's Eve, the UC was filled with costumes, including Benny in a Grim Reaper cape and two people running around in the background of the game dressed as Mario and Luigi. The good news is the Bulls didn't need the get-ups and gimmicks to provide entertainment. We were reminded today why options matter. Ri ...

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