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Blackhawks get rid of “The Stripper” during Shoot the Puck

It's a very popular contest during the Chicago Blackhawks games that draws a lot of interest, Shoot the Puck. Usually after the second period a man or child and a woman join a celebrity to compete in the event. It has become a tradition for the song The Stripper to be played during the contest, but from now on the song won't be played. Marissa Miller is pushing for some changes in the Blackhawks organizatio ...

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Picking a Bears upset? You’re among few.

If you are sitting on your couch this morning with your Bears tee on anticipating the noon kickoff in Dallas, your not alone. If you are thinking that the Bears have a chance to pull off the upset in Big D, you might be. From everything I've been reading, there aren't too many "experts" giving the Bears a chance to win this Week 2 match-up. Looking at the Chicago Tribune this morning I read these comments o ...

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Interview with Chicago Sun-Times Sportswriter Neil Hayes

We were lucky enough to catch up with Chicago Sun-Times sportswriter Neil Hayes. Neil has been writing sports for the Sun-Times for 4 years. You can follow him on Twitter for updates, etc. From your time at the paper, what unique situations have presented themselves to you? Neil Hayes: Kind of a broad question. I've been bounced around a lot. I've done a lot of different things in my career and am versatile ...

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