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Chicago Bulls at their best when Derrick Rose attacks the basket

After a rough 5-3 start to the season, people were ready to give up on Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls as a team. ESPN writer Brian Windhorst, who seems to gladly criticize anyone in the NBA not named LeBron James, went as far as to say "the break up between Rose and the Bulls has begun." Not so fast. The start to this young season has not gone as smooth as expected but Chicago is far from finished. Ther ...

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NBA Offseason: Three Chicago Bulls players to watch for the 2015-2016 season

Watching Jimmy Butler transform from a defensive ace to a two way star last year was remarkable to say the least. Many believed he had great potential, but nobody expected him to erupt into an offensive machine the way he did. Throughout the season there were many other bright spots on the team as well. The Bulls have several players on their roster that are overflowing with potential that could very well m ...

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NBA Offseason: Grading each free agent signing for Chicago

This year in free agency there have been some obvious winners like the San Antonio Spurs and obvious losers like Dallas and Portland. When it comes to Chicago, they have flown under the radar while still making some solid moves. The Chicago Bulls had limited cash to spend this offseason so they brought back nearly every player from last year's squad. With all things considered, the Bulls did what they could ...

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NBA Offseason: Chicago Bulls should Keep the Team Intact for One More Season- Here’s Why

This offseason there has been much speculation weather Chicago will try to make any trades, particularly involving reserve power forward Taj Gibson and starting center Joakim Noah. After the way the Bulls exited the playoffs last season, many people are entertaining the idea of trading the two aging but still highly productive big men to free up cap space to potentially sign a star player. Although it sound ...

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NBA Free Agency: Targets the Chicago Bulls should have on their list

The 2015 free agency period will be tough for the Chicago Bulls.  They have big needs and limited cap space to work with. The most important thing for the Bulls is to retain Jimmy Butler; bringing him back to Chicago is a must if they want to stay competitive and if they do resign him at a max deal they will be over the cap limit and close to luxury tax territory with still at least three more holes to fill ...

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Prospects Bulls Should Target in 2015 Draft

In this year's draft the Chicago Bulls have only one pick, the 22nd pick of the first round. With at least four roster spots to fill and many players currently on the team getting older, Chicago should look to draft a player that can make a solid contribution coming off the bench from day one and possibly one day take over for some of their aging players. Much of the big names will be long gone by the time ...

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