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Bulls and Mavericks Sit Out Would-be NBA Opening Night

The 2011-12 NBA season was planned to be kicked off tonight as the Chicago Bulls were set to visit the Dallas Mavericks. It would have been a battle featuring a team that took the league by storm with an NBA-best record of 62-20 versus a team that slayed the Goliath, known as the Miami Heat, on the night which they would have received their championship rings. Unfortunately, that turned out to just be a dre ...

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Chicago Bulls Rise Again: No Boozer? No Noah? No Problem

The shorthanded Chicago Bulls defeated the Dallas Mavericks 82-77 on Thursday night in the United Center.  It was the third straight game without their main low-post weapon, Carlos Boozer—compounding the woes of the missing Joakim Noah.  But Derrick Rose led the Bulls to their second victory in those last three games despite the lack of front-court depth. Former Bulls center, Tyson Chandler, had a nice outi ...

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Bulls’ Clutch-Shooting Does-in Dallas as Taj Gibson Shines

Taj Gibson's strong play at the being of the season made the loss of Carlos Boozer to injury much more cope-able for Chicago.  However, in the previous two games for the Chicago Bulls, their young power forward went a combined 1-for-16 from the field.  In Friday night's game against the Dallas Mavericks, Gibson shot 7-of-12 for the game.  He resoundly ended his slump - scoring 17 points, and pulling down a ...

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