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Derrek Lee By the Numbers

Derrek Lee's Cubs career has been over for a few days now, but he returned to Chicago today as a member of the Atlanta Braves, and went 0-4 in his debut. I wish Derrek nothing but the best of luck the rest of the season, and hope that he finds a good team this off season as well. When we look back at Lee's Cubs career a few years from now, I think we will realize that he has been rather under appreciated du ...

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At Least the Cubs are Competing Now

The Cubs lost again today, this time falling 8-7 to the Giants, and dropped three of four in the series. That is the bad news, or the good news, if you are like me and find the failure comical at this point. The good news is, the team made this past series of failure fun to watch. The typical low scoring game, usually driven by terrible offense, didn't make an appearance. Instead, the Cubs are competing, an ...

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