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The Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory: A Look Back

Monday, June 24, 2013. Boston, Massachusetts. 17 seconds that defined a season, brought the world’s greatest fan base from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, and sent a city into a state of pure ecstasy. Unfortunately, I was not in Chicago on that fateful night. Stuck in Tampa Bay for work training with no other Hawks fans in sight, I was forced to watch Game 6 sitting alone in a hotel bar, with no ...

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Detroit’s Possible Departure from the Central Division Could Help the Chicago Blackhawks

Since the recent move of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg there have been many news stories and blog posts about the NHL realigning the divisions and even switching teams from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference and vice versa. The newest report that came out Monday and that reported on Tuesday morning has the Central Division consisting of the Minnestoa, Winnipeg, Chicago, St. ...

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Chicago Blackhawks Must Show Urgency, Determination Sunday Morning

The Chicago Blackhawks are now in total control of their destiny. After beating the Detroit Red Wings Friday night 4-2 the 'Hawks have inched closer to clinching a playoff spot. But they're going to have to prove themselves again. The Dallas Stars are not going away easily. They've been trailing the 'Hawks, hoping to grab a playoff spot late in the season for the past two weeks. The Stars needed to win thei ...

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