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10 Reasons the Crosstown Cup Might Be Losing Its Spark

The White Sox may have won the Crosstown Cup, but the series itself has lost its spark. Now don't get me wrong. Watching Paulywood slam a 3-run double had me jumping around like we won the World Series, but if you've listened to Ken "Hawk" Harrelson the past three nights or have actually gone to a Crosstown Cup game yourself, you know that the big: “It just ain’t what it used to be.” The White Sox have alre ...

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A Southside Welcome for A-Rod

(Photo Credit: AP) When I heard the news this afternoon, there was no doubt in my mind that A-Rod would receive the Southside welcome only reserved for the worst of foes (think Detroit-Tiger-style). Alex Rodriguez made his 2013 debut for the New York Yankees as they took on the White Sox in Chicago, this being the same day the MLB announced it would suspend him for 211 games due to his involvement in the Bi ...

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White Sox manage split with Oakland A’s: Series Recap

(Photo Credit: Associated Press/Paul Beaty)   The White Sox (27-34) salvaged a split with the currently-hot Oakland Athletics (38-27) in a four-game series at The Cell. The A's pulled ahead early handing the Sox two tough losses, but the good guys rallied back to win two this weekend. Having been a sometimes-hard-to-watch series, I think the best way to sum up each game is by the live-game quotes from ...

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White Sox vs. A’s Preview

The White Sox (25-32) return home from an exhausting trip to Seattle to take on the Oakland Athletics (36-25) for a four-game stint. The Sox played out in Oakland less than a week ago, and were handed three losses to tack on to their eight game losing streak. The good guys are coming off a win against Seattle, but it didn’t come easy. It took 17 hits, eight pitchers, and over 6 hours to top the Mariners at ...

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Hawk Attack Is Something To Remember

For the better part of the last 30 years Ken "Hawk" Harrelson has been the primary broadcaster of White Sox games and he's done it with a style that is both memorable and not. He's well known for his Hawkisms: "He Gone!" "You can put it on the board... YES!" "Mercy!" They're all popular made-for-bumper stickers sayings. Among White Sox fans, the Hawk has a loyal flock of fans who love his flagrant fervor fo ...

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