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Pitching could cost the White Sox in long run

By Joshua Chapman When looking across the landscape of MLB contenders, one notices a very particular pattern: great pitching. From the A’s to the Dodgers, from the Tigers to the Nationals, every serious contender has a good pitching staff, from the starters to the bullpen. For as long as I can remember, the White Sox have had good starting pitching. The bullpen? Well that changes from year to year, but the ...

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Kenny Williams Does It Again

In a matter of just two days, Kenny Williams made three moves that have made the White Sox significantly better for 2011 than what we would have expected at the conclusion of 2010.  First was the signing of Adam Dunn, next was the trade of Scott Linebrink, and finally was the re-signing of A.J. Pierzysnki. Let's start with the Dunn move.  On Thursday the White Sox and Adam Dunn agreed in principle to a 4 ye ...

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Stop Losing to the Orioles!

While the Twins are in the middle of being 4-game swept by the Rangers, the Sox are falling to the Orioles, at home. Yesterday night, the White Sox won a big game cutting the division lead to 3.5 games.  Today they had a golden opportunity to make that lead 2.5.  But instead, in a matchup between perennial star Mark Buehrle, and struggling youngster Brian Matusz, the Sox fall 4-2. In one inning Konerko, Que ...

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