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Despite another losing season, ‘this’ losing feels different

Remember your first roller coaster? The harness swings overhead and latches chest high. An attendant walks by and asks you to remove your hat. You oblige, tossing your sunglasses and hat to the deck. People snicker.   “Man, I hope this is fun as the last one!” “I can’t believe your father dragged me on this thing... I’m going to be sick.” “GO FASTER! WOOOOOOO!!!!!” “That theme park in Florida has WAY b ...

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Pure conjecture — three cures for the 2012 off-season

I genuinely have no idea why Cubs fans acted mourned the 2012 season. Our two-headed monster of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer made it abundantly clear that their number one goal was to build a sustainable roster that can compete year in and year out. This is a change in philosophy from the previous regime. No instant gratification, no horrific extension for non-homegrown players. Ultimately, the next few years ...

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Cardinals Curious Move Opens Door For Reds

Greg wrote about the winners and losers in the division at the deadline, but I wanted to hone in on one particular trade and its potential impact on the division.  The Cardinals curious decision to trade one of their best hitters in order to acquire a fourth starter. The Cardinals went into the trade deadline essentially even with the Reds in the standings and needed to improve two things their hitting and ...

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