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Chicago Cubs first half grades: Hitting

The Chicago Cubs' 47-40 first half record speaks to the overall quality of this team, though fortune has slightly scorned them by having them in the NL Central --a magical land where the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates play, those who rarely lose unless it's to one another. The Cubs have received some great starting pitching so far this season (which we talked about previously), and were it not f ...

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Chicago Cubs offensive struggles and the road to relevancy

Six days ago, the Chicago Cubs were 39-30, had just slain the two-headed monster of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke of the Los Angeles Dodger and had many asking if, just maybe, the Cubs' above-average performance was just early rumblings of a team that even perpetual optimists were undervaluing. That was six days ago. Today, the Cubs sit at 39-35, limping out of St. Louis after a three game sweep at the h ...

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Chicago Bears add new offensive wrinkle with running back Jacquizz Rodgers

The Chicago Bears have added a new element to their offense by signing running back Jacquizz Rodgers this afternoon. Rodgers was most recently a member of the Atlanta Falcons where he was used in a number of ways, including running back, slot receiver and kick returner. At 5-foot-6, 200-pounds he brings a different style that the Bears are not accustomed to.  He is strong between the tackles, has a burst an ...

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Bears’ Affairs: Who Should Win the Free Safety Duel, Major Wright or Danieal Manning?

With a seemingly beefed up squad entering 2010, the Chicago Bears are soon to reveal the athletes who earned their starting spot among a team representing Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo's crucial year. Major Wright, a free safety product from Florida University, has been highly touted in regards to none only but the duo of Smith and Angelo. Fan favorite Mike Brown has even been in comparisons between the two ...

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Bears’ Affairs: What Does Chicago Need to Improve On?

Following an astounding offseason featuring the likes of Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Major Wright, and Mike Martz, the Chicago Bears are still considered among the worst in the league. Regardless of what critics believe, Chicago is a very much improved team. What were the weaknesses of the 2009 Bears? -The loss of Brian Urlacher. -Lack of intensity at the beginning of the season. -Pass coverage. -Pass r ...

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