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NFL Free Agency: The Chicago Bears need lots of linebackers

The era of the 3-4 defense is about to begin in Chicago and it has been a long time coming. Finding the moving pieces to make this scheme thrive is going to be a rigorous process.  One of the most important components to the 3-4 is strong play from the linebackers - both outside and inside and  they will need A LOT of them.  The Bears are going through their own roster as we speak to see if they have anyone ...

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NFC North Predictions

With the Bears preseason starting this coming Friday and the regular season beginning in 5 weeks, one of the most intriguing divisions this coming season is the NFC North. The typical predictions each season usually have the Packers winning the division and as long as Rodgers is their quarterback, they will always be in the playoff hunt. I expect Green Bay to head into the playoffs this season, but not as t ...

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In the Christmas Spirit: Top 5 Chicago Sports Moments on Christmas Day

Since it's Christmas and we here at are in the holiday spirit, we figured we would throw together a list of the best Chicago Sports moments that occurred on Christmas Day. Now before we start, let's discuss this list a little bit. The list is defiantly Chicago Bulls heavy. Why? Because other Chicago teams rarely play on Christmas. The Bears have played twice (both against the Packers), and ...

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Chicago Bears Post-Victory: Week Three, vs. Green Bay Packers

September 27th, 2010 | At Soldier Field Chicago Bears: 20 | Green Bay Packers: 17 Jay Cutler and his crew assumed to come out with a W on Monday night, but nobody expected a blowout. Chicago took the field with short passes and effective running to eat up some clock, along with yet another outing of players in motion to confuse the complex Green Bay defense. All seemed good in Chicago, as it turned out to b ...

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