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Beer of the Week 11/30

We skipped last week. I'm sure you were busy with your own pile of beer, or were passed out on the couch mid-game (I know I was). This week's BOTW: Pipeworks Abduction Bringing back the Beer of the Week after a holiday needs to be momentous. It needs to be something important. Something huge. Something strong enough to make you reconsider our decision to drink a 22oz bottle. The Abduction from Pipeworks is ...

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Beer of the Week 11/9

This week's BOTW: Pipeworks Well Read Temptress This week I'm throwing you a curve ball. Take a look at that picture. Does that pink thing look like a beer to you? The majority of people will say, "no, that looks like a wine cooler". The majority of people would be wrong. I don't drink wine coolers (unless I'm stuck on a desert island with a bad case of the shakes). That pink beauty is the Well Read Temptre ...

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