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Rex Grossman Redskins Watch : vs Dallas

Here at ChiCitySports headquarters, we're going to be covering Grossman watch 2010. You may have heard that Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan benched starting quarterback Donovan McNabb. This had led to the (re)emergence of Rex Grossman. In his first game starting for the Redskins, Grossman faced the Dallas Cowboys. Grossman completed 25 of 43 passes, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The offense ...

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Rex Grossman to Start for Redskins, McNabb Benched

BREAK THOSE GROSSMAN JERSEYS OUT AGAIN! I never thought those words would come across my computer screen. However, you have read it correctly. Rex Grossman will be starting this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. ESPN is reporting that McNabb will be riding the pine in favor of Sexy Rexy. Grossman's cult-like following, mostly composed of delusional Bear fans, are ecstatic over this news. Personally I am ex ...

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Where The Hell They Been? Rex Grossman 2010

Where The Hell They Been? 2010 is a weekly column we'll be doing...well now. Each week we'll feature a former Chicago athlete and pose the question, where the hell they been? Grueling research (google search) goes into retrieving their current whereabouts & situations they are in. This week we'll be asking where the hell has Rex Grossman been? Rex Grossman is a name that is bittersweet for many Bear fan ...

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