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Crosstown Classic: It’s not simply a series in this city

Chicago is one of the few beautiful cities in the nation that is blessed to house two historic franchises. Reasons for being historic differ astronomically, but that makes the statement none-the-less still true. What’s also true is that many people in and around the Chicago area will say that the next four days are their favorite part of the baseball calendar. Even if you’re not a diehard, once you’re a fan ...

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“You Know You’re a Canucks Fan If…”- Chicago Blackhawk Fans Taunt the Vancouver Canucks Over Twitter

Chicago Blackhawks hockey is right around the corner. Do you know why I know this? Besides the obvious answer that is. Because Blackhawk fans are lighting up my Twitter feed with nothing but jokes, attacking the Vancouver Canucks. If you don't know about the Vanocuver/Chicago rivalry by now, then you need to asap. The Canucks and Blackhawks have never really liked each other, but recently the two teams have ...

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Interview with BrewersCubs.Com

Check out this CCS interview with the administrator of BrewersCubs.Com. They have an interesting community over there. What happens when you mix two teams with fan bases who absolutely hate each other? get this site. We found some time to catch up with the admin of the site jpat. 1.) Can you explain to us what exactly your website encompasses, what is your goal? is more of an onli ...

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