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NBA to Bulls: Hire New Proctologist or be Fined

After Monday night's triple overtime loss to New Orleans, the League issued a warning to the Bulls front office. The NBA rules strictly prohibit teams from employing active doctors on their primary coaching staff due to a conflict of interest. A team coach could fraudulently cover for a player's injuries or issue painkillers unnecessarily. Ever since Derrick Rose was injured, John Paxson fired his personal ...

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Media Blames Cutler for Packers Loss at Seattle

SATIRE: After the inter-touchdown heard 'round the world, blame has accurately been placed. Not on the replacement refs, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL Owners, or the Packers abysmal offensive line, but on the one and only Jay Cutler. The oft-criticized Cutler was recently sacked multiple times in a game against the Green Bay Packers, which prompted him to bump his own LT, J'Marcus Webb. After much ...

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Presidential Orders: 10 Things Barack Obama Should Do to Help the Chicago Bulls

SATIRE — The Chicago Bulls have a fan sitting in the highest office in the land.  And as we have seen by the President poking fun at the L.A. Lakers for giving up a win against his Bulls team, he seems to be a true and blue fan. This might make us wonder, what are some of the potential advantages to having such a powerful fan of your team in the White House? Bail Out... Luol Deng's Contract? Perhaps the Pre ...

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