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Why not the Chicago Bears?

Now that I’ve had a day (or two) to chew on, regurgitate, spew and watch the dog lick up that Bears-Panthers game from Sunday I can't help but wonder how many years Todd Collins and Jimmy Clausen set the NFL back. Collins, with his 6.2 quarterback rating, was a complete disaster, bringing back memories of 2004 Jonathan Quinn, 2006 Rex Grossman, and yes, even 2009 Jay Cutler. I thought he would fare better, ...

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Welcome back 2006? Let’s hope so

Bears fans, do you remember the glory days? The Super Bowl days? The days when the defense was the Monster of the Midway? Do you remember? Do you remember the dialed down offense, the quarterback, entrusted only to manage the game, to now screw it up to try not to lose instead of trying to win? Remember when they just let the defense do their job, when they let the offense get on the field and quickly get o ...

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