The White Sox have played 46 games this year and have a record of 20-26.  Coming into the year many people argued that the Sox had the best rotation.  How could you blame them when your rotation is Buehrle, Peavy, Danks, Floyd and The thought to be resurged Freddy Garcia.  However, it has been anything but great as the five starters are a combined 15-19.  The 2 aces of the team (Buehrle and Peavy) are a comined 6-9.  John Danks has really came up big for the Sox rotation this year as he is 4-3.  However, the Sox usually decide not to score when he is pitching.  John could easily be 6-1 this year.  A huge disappointment for the staff has been Gavin Floyd.  Gavin really has looked bad in almost every game and it almost seems as if he has lost confidence in his pitches.  I don’t think Gavin realizes how good he can be.

What maybe has saved the Sox this year has been the hot bat of First basemen Paul Konerko.  Paulie is tied for first in the Majors for home runs with 14.  He also has 32 RBI.  Second basemen Gordon Beckham has been anything but special this year as he is just batting .191 with 4 home runs and 9 RBI.  Coming into this year many people, as did I, expected Gordon to be a potential all-star……ah memories.

Everything is quiet on the trade market.  Reports came out of Philly last week that the Phillies were wondering about Bobby Jenks and J.J. Putz’  availability.  Kenny Williams denied the rumor and insists the Sox will keep the team as is.

One topic I wanted to talk about was the ejections of Mark Buehrle and Manager Ozzie Guillen.  In the second inning against the Indians yesterday Ozzie Guillen was ejected after Joe West called a balk on a pick off attempt move.  In the 3rd Mark Buerhle was ejected for arguing the same thing.  This was only the second time that Mark had been ejected in his career.  Last time was 2005 in Baltimore, the ump who ejected him was Joe West.  I am starting to wonder if things will start spiraling down and if the Sox will look to move players and the high point of there values.

Umpire Joe West has not been a friend of the White Sox the last couple of years.

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