7 Intriguing 1st Round Prospects

The Bears will be on the clock with the 19th selection in just under 72 hours from now, and no one can really give a clear, nor definitive answer of whom Emery and crew are targeting. All we have are ideas. Lovie has met with several players and had dinner, or lunch with both Kendall Wright (Baylor) and Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech). But still things like this are commonplace in the scouting process, just because you eat or scout someone does not mean they are your pick, it means you could have interest or it could all be a facade or smoke and mirrors if you will to throw other teams off the scent of what the Bears are actually trying to do. The following are the 7 prospects I believe the Bears are targeting for Thursday’s first round.

Michael Brockers:

Troy Pauline of Sports Illustrated has stated that if Brockers is there at pick #19 that the Bears will be there to jump on it, and I would tend to believe that. As the Bears have lost both Adams and Okoye this offseason. Brockers is a larger DT standing 6’5 and tipping the scales around 325 lbs. He’s not been overly productive and probably left a year sooner than he really should’ve, but his mis-step in declaring early could be the Bears gain. He’s very stout at the point of attack, with a strong motor, and great strength and speed. He also has immense untapped potential to boot, so he could definitely be a realistic pick given the need, and the talent that he is likely to possess.

Chandler Jones:

Up next is the pup of the Jones family and has potential end up being just as dominant athis position, as his older brother Jon “Bones” Jones, or the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion. His older brother Arthur Jones also plays for the Baltimore Ravens. So he has a good bloodline. Jones stands 6’ 5 and weighs in around 265 lbs. and has the frame to continue to fill out, and was a 3 years starter for the Orange of Syracuse. He reminds me a tad bit of a slightly less athletic version of Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants. He has extremely long arms, naturally strong, and has very active hands to free himself from blockers, along with a non-stop motor and some natural athleticism. So it would seem with the tutelage of Peppers and Rod Marinelli the Bears could turn this man into a monster.

Cordy Glenn:

An absolute freak of an athlete for someone his size and position. Cordy Glenn is exactly the type of player that the Bears could use to help solidify the line and he fits Tice’s offensive line scheme being nearly 6’6 and weighing in at 345 lbs. He’s a very fluid athlete with a natural burst and knee bend to his technique and seems to be able to mirror his man very well. Very stout and “violent” while playing and is very durable, with minimal injury concerns. Meaning this could be an anchor to line, to go along with Chris Williams and Gabe Carimi, to possibly form a good-very good core to an offensive line.

Dre’ Kirkpatrick: 

Personally the guy that I have started to put at the top of who I would like to see the Bears take with their first round selection. He’s similar to Tillman in build, at right around 6’2 and 190 lbs. He’s very wirey strong, and long. Though he could learn from a very similar to player in the Bears’ secondary. He can bring the wood, as well as being a very consistent open field and willing tackler. Strong at the line for jamming and extremely aggressive and tough, and doesn’t have a backdown in his body. Very confident. And also has the ability to play safety and corner at the next level.


Whitney Mercilus:

Probably the prospect I have the most questions about as he really only has this past season to hang his hat on in terms of production. Not that I would hate him getting picked, I just have a lot of questions. Though 14 sacks in his junior campaign does speak volumes about what he can do given it was his first season starting. Whitney is right around 6’3 and 270 lbs. and should possess the ability to either put his hand in the dirt or go get the QB from the OLB in the 3-4 set. He’s a very quick twitch player, with very good burst out of his stance. An above average motor, and has a huge work ethic to go with a very high upside. In other words, another guy that Marinelli could probably do wonders for.

Kendall Wright:

Well that seems like a lot of defense and trench guys doesn’t it? Well the game is won in the trenches. But here is another guy that I was really high on for the Bears for the absolute longest time and would still love the pick. Though smaller for the position at around 5’10 and 195 lbs. or so, he possesses game breaking ability, something that could sorely be used opposite of Brandon Marshall, especially with Knox’s health being a huge question mark. Timed in the 4.4’s at his pro day as opposed to the 4.6 that he was clocked at during the combine. Can blow the top off of coverage, and can also be dangerous after the catch.Though he has smaller hands he tracks the ball very well and is a good hands catcher. Confident borderlines to cocky and is uber-competitive. Could also help out the special teams unit, which the Bears pride themselves so much on.

Mark Barron:

Another Crimson Tide player? Really? Well yes, the Bears secondary really does not have that many quality players to speak of. Outside of Tillman, only Conte really showed flashes. So could Barron be the final cog to a safety backfield that has been a rotating door for years now? He sure could be. He possesses good game film and ball skills to go along with his 6’1, 215 lb frame. He calledthe plays for pro-style defense in Alabama, and has excellent football IQ and great instincts at the strong safety position. Is a sound and big time tackler, who takes good lines to the football. Also excels at run support. Sounds like he could be an answer for the defensive backfield to me.

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