The Chicago Cubs announced that their new low-A team will be the Kane County County Cougars. While the Peoria Chiefs will return to the St. Louis Cardinals as their low-A team.

The Cubs low-A team is still staying in Illinois, just switching towns. The Cougars was the low-A team of the Kansas City Royals last year. The deal, for now, runs through 2014. But like all deals, extensions can be made. So, we could possibly see them in Kane County much longer if all goes good in the new location.

I now went from liking the Chiefs as they were a Chicago Cub minor league team to hating them as they’re a rival St. Louis Cardinal team. The Chiefs were a Cubs team in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s (1985-1995), but then signed a deal with the Cardinals (1996-2004). The cycle has repeat again … the Chiefs was the Cubs low-A team from 2005-2012 and now the Cardinals again for who knows how long.

I’m actually happy with the move … Kane County is about an hour away from my house, rather to Peoria that is about 2.5 hours away from my house. I may have to go try and catch a game again. I’ve been to multiple Cougar games, but when they were of the Oakland Athletics team.

Also, the Cubs announced that they have signed extensions with Daytona (high-A) and Boise (short-league) through 2014.

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