Chad Johnson was recently cut by the Miami Dolphins for some off the field issues. The interesting part of his release is that HBO documented it 100% on its’ show “Hardknocks” which has been following the team all through training camp. Johnson has always been a likable personality in the NFL with his flamboyant charades and touchdown dances. When Johnson was arrested on domestic battery charges for allegedly head butting his wife Evelyn Lozada, the team didn’t wait for a police investigation to conclude before making the rash decision to cut him.

Despite it being a shitty 24 hour period, Johnson showed poise in taking it like a man while many have questioned Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin for dragging it out and not getting straight to the point. If the accusations wind up being accurate, I am fully in support of his release from the team. However, I think the organization should have waited for the investigation to conclude.

Strap up because it’s awkward to watch.

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