Cubs: Day 2.. How ‘Bout Pujols and Fielder Day… That’s Better!

Well, this Winter Meetings is more boring than in the past. Not many moves or even legit rumors thus far. Day 2 of the Winter Meetings was manly about 1B sluggers Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. Here’s the latest from a boring day 2:

Albert Pujols:
* All the news at the Winter Meetings was manly about Albert Pujols. Tweets were non-stop when regaring the big time 1B. When Pujols was mentioned, the Miami Marlins were linked in the same sentence. As it seems Pujols will be a Marlin and that can happen any time now. The only hold-up in the deal is that Pujols wants a no trade cause and the Marlins won’t budge on giving him it. The deal is worth 10 years and around 240 million. So… Pujols contract will be a NTC after 5 years with the Marlins. When his 10/5 rights kick in (10 years in the majors and 5 years with that respected team). The Marlins are contempt on not giving a NTC and they will not. If they gave Pujols a NTC, he would be a Marlin now.

* Phil Rogers said Albert Pujols will have a decision within the next 36 hours.

* The Cubs reportedly made a bid for Albert Pujols, but are not too serious. Meaning, the offer wasn’t serious and know Pujols won’t consider the offer. All reports agreed that the Cubs offer Pujols a contract, but Cubs beat-writer Carrie Muskat. So… the Cubs most likely made a bid for Pujols. But don’t look anything into the offer.

* The Cards will still not budge on their offer and it looks like the Cards are looking elsewhere. they are still hopefull in re-signing Pujols, but not optimistic. Actually the Cards did make a new offer for Pujols, but doesn’t figure to be too much above their original offer.

Prince Fielder:
* Another hot topic today was Prince Fielder, but not as big as Pujols. The Cubs reportedly made a bid for Fielder or are going too tonight. Team Theo was expected to have a meeting with Fielder’s agent Scott Boras today. The Cubs do not want to go more than 5 years. More money a year rather than go the years in length. Which may be the deal breaker in the Cubs signing Albert. Scott Boras said there are many teams calling for Fielder, but a lot of those teams are dropping out. It may fall right into the Cubs hand. Fielder also says he wants to play where he’ll feel most comfortable. Another reason the Cubs sound like a good fit as he knows and played against them a lot. New Cubs manager said the Cubs have not talked about Prince Fielder yet. But goes on to say, that I know of. So.. the Cubs probably have talked about Fielder and Epstein/Hoyer are keeping it on the low. We all know they are good at that.

*However, according to Jim Bowden of ESPN, it sounds like the Mariners are the favorites in signing Prince Fielder and will go higher in years. As he can switch to DH when he gets more up there in age. I just have one question… why would Fielder want to go to the M’s? They are not going to compete and may not win in his contract. The only way he’ll go the M’s is for the money and that would not be the right decision for Fielder.

*The Brewers are looking at other options and in their minds, they know Fielder will not be a Brewer in 2012. The Brewers GM Doug Melvin is not even talking to Scott Boras now. Which only means, he’s done with Fielder.  They are heavy favorites for ex Cub Aramis Ramirez and have talked to the agent of Jimmy Rollins.

*The O’s also drop out of the Fielder sweepstakes (as of now) and the Angels are focusing on other options, like pitcher CJ Wilson. Also, the Jays won’t go more than 5 years and won’t offer more a year. The Jays GM said they’re probably out of the Fielder sweepstakes.

* So.. it looks like it could be down to the Cubs and M’s of whom will land the big 1B Prince Fielder.

Other notes… non Fielder or Pujols related:

* The Cubs are pushing the O’s to take Soriano and told them he can play LF/DH. The Cubs will pay majority of the 3 years/54 million left on his contract. The Cubs would receive a low ‘spect or a PTBNP. It’s manly a salary dump. This rumor is legit, but have not heard much on it lately.

* Don’t look for an Ian Stewart trade any time soon.. the Cubs lost interest in Stewart. From the sound of it, the Cubs don’t want to trade any of Tyler Colvin, DJ LeMaheiu and Scott Maine. I’m all for the Cubs not trading for Stewart. He wouldn’t help the Cubs too much and may not even be worth it. However, the Rox and Cubs could pick up where they left off any time.

* You can cross off Mark Buehrle on the Cubs list. He narrowed his list down to 5 teams and the Cubs were not one of the five. We all knew Buehrle would not a Cub because of his asking price, but he officially won’t now.

*If the Marlins do in fact sign Pujols, the Cubs would call the Marlins regarding Gaby Sanchez. He’s a year older than Fielder, but WAY cheaper. He’s still under team’s control for 3 more yeas. He’s not Fielder, but still would be a good acquisition for the Cubs.

So.. here’s hopeful to a more fun Wednesday. No rumors regarding the Cubs, but moves!

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