Gumpy Jox: The Sourpuss

What is a Gumpy Jox? Well message boards in general carry a wide range of characters. Sports forums are no exception, bringing out wild debates, endless head scratching and the true colors of so many fans.

Do you know any of the Gumpy Jox’s?

(The Jox will be updated with new characters regularly)



The Sourpuss

The Sourpuss is the first to be offended in a conversation, the last to be pleased. Sourpuss has no real stance, although they might show some Shitspin  tendencies just to keep their options open and be offended by as many comments as possible. The Sourpuss has a hard time reading sarcasm and is stingy with their compliments. The Sourpuss wants others to feel sorry for them and tread lightly in conversation. When the Sourpuss is lurking quietly, they are most likely saving a file of poorly worded comments to fire back at a user at a later date and different conversation. The Sourpuss never forgives and only apologizes for their stubbornness.


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