Same Old Story

My job for this website is to update readers about what is going on with their favorite baseball team.  I am expected to write game summary’s for each game.  This season I feel that I repeat myself a lot saying things like, “Sox lose a close one!”, “Pitching their but offense silent.”, “When will this team wake up?”  Each night I log in and think about what im going to write.  It is becoming very hard to write about the same thing every night.  Kenny on behalf of Sox fans across the globe, go get some offense.  It is pathetic that a team with a candidate for MVP (Paul Konerko) struggles as much as this team.  Some are saying that this has been the worst offensive Sox team in franchise history.  It’s very hard to argue. Anyway, Ill try my best to say something new about this game, but like my title says, SAME. OLD. STORY.

The Halos got to Jake very early in this game.  Aybar started with a single and Hendrick moved him over with a single of his own.  Peavy did get Abreu to ground into a DP but a run did cross the plate.  But Torii Hunter hit a double and Kendry Morales scored him with an RBI single to right.  Score, 2-0 after 1.

The Angels scored 2 more runs in the 3rd as Morales killed the ball again to score Abreu.  Matsui then hit a sac fly. Score 4-0 after 3.

Gordon Beckham tried to get the part started in the 5th with an RBI ground out.

However the Halos again scored 2 in an inning with the 2 RBI Juan Rivera homer.  Score 6-1 after 6.

In the bottom of the 8th the Sox had the bases loaded and Gordon Beckham did not disappoint.  Beckham singled to center which scored 2.  Juan Pierre reached on an infield single and AJ came up and hit a double that scored 2.  Andruw Jones then came up and BAM! flied out to center ending the rally.

In the 9th the most dangerous hitter on the Sox came to the plate.  He had Fuentes at 3-1 but eventually flied out.  Rios and Quentin did the same to end the game.

Jake Peavy was far from good today as he went 6 innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits.  Jake is now 3-3 on the season with an ERA over 5.  Randy Williams and Tony Pena combined to give up 0 runs on 3 hits.

Young Ervin Santana was great as he gave up o earned runs in 7 innings.

The Sox were swept in this 2 game series but look to start a win streak against the Florida Marlins.


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