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NFL Free Agency: The Chicago Bears need lots of linebackers

The era of the 3-4 defense is about to begin in Chicago and it has been a long time coming. Finding the moving pieces to make this scheme thrive is going to be a rigorous process.  One of the most important components to the 3-4 is strong play from the linebackers - both outside and inside and  they will need A LOT of them.  The Bears are going through their own roster as we speak to see if they have anyone ...

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NFL Free Agency: A look at safety options for the Chicago Bears

As we dig further into positions of need for the Chicago Bears in free agency, we come to a position that has been a bit of an anomaly over the last several years: safety. Mind you, it has not been for a lack of trying.  The Bears tend to draft a safety in every year of the draft but they have never really panned out and any attempt at signing free agents have had mixed results at best.  This should be the ...

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Bears Advance To 8-3, Dominate High Flying Eagles

Late in the second half, the Bears defense stood in the shadow of their own goal posts nursing a 13-14 lead.  Their initial success against the Eagles seemed futile as Vick took the snap from center and fired a pass for a go ahead touchdown. Tommy Harris shot a hand up in the throwing lane and the ball deflected into the waiting hands of Chris Harris who returned Vick’s first interception of the season to m ...

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