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Chicago Bears’ Early Free Agency Moves Leaves Team Worse off Than Last Season

As everyone knows, the lockout ended earlier this week, jump starting a wave of signings, releases, and trades from almost every NFL in the league. I assume almost every NFL fan was excited to finally know and see the upcoming NFL season unfold, but my beloved  Bears have, so far, made it really difficult to seem optimistic about the upcoming season. The Bear's faults last season were very obvious and plain ...

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Bears dominate Thigpen, Dolphins

It’s not a Bears game unless I turn it off with a handful of questions. Usually, I wonder how good the Bears really are, what the hell did I just watch, and why do I find this enjoyable. But this is a weird position to be in, there's not much to ask the Bears. Now, the Dolphins ... they're making me think. For one, Tyler Thigpen threw the ball 29 times and played a large role in an unusual game plan. Thigpe ...

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Picking a Bears upset? You’re among few.

If you are sitting on your couch this morning with your Bears tee on anticipating the noon kickoff in Dallas, your not alone. If you are thinking that the Bears have a chance to pull off the upset in Big D, you might be. From everything I've been reading, there aren't too many "experts" giving the Bears a chance to win this Week 2 match-up. Looking at the Chicago Tribune this morning I read these comments o ...

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