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Predicting the Bears season from here (a craptastic journey)

I've never been good at making predictions. Sometimes I will get a gut feeling about an upcoming game, but I am never able to make picks with any consistency. I tried that ESPN Beat the Streak thing, but usually only got about 4-5 games in row correct. One thing I think I may be good at however is telling you how I think the Chicago Bears season is going to end, because if anything is predictable, it's the ...

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Picking a Bears upset? You’re among few.

If you are sitting on your couch this morning with your Bears tee on anticipating the noon kickoff in Dallas, your not alone. If you are thinking that the Bears have a chance to pull off the upset in Big D, you might be. From everything I've been reading, there aren't too many "experts" giving the Bears a chance to win this Week 2 match-up. Looking at the Chicago Tribune this morning I read these comments o ...

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