Are the Cubs Trying to Move Ryan Dempster?

According to a report from the Boston Globe, the Cubs would love to move starting pitcher Ryan Demspter. This is the first we have heard of the Cubs trying to move Demspter. The only starting pitchers that has made the news of whom are on trade block are Matt Garza and Carlos Zambrano. However, if the Cubs are in a full rebuild move, the Cubs trying to move Demspter would not surprise me at all.

The Boston Globe states; “The Cubs would love to move the 34-year-old and his $14 million paycheck (or part of it). He has pitched more than 200 innings four straight years but his 4.80 ERA and 1.448 WHIP last season aren’t appealing.”

Ryan Dempster could have become a free agent this off-season , but opted to pick up his player option. Demspter picked up his 14 million player option on October 29th. Dempster was wise to do so because he probably wouldn’t have received 14 million per year on the open market. Also, Dempster is a Chicago guy and was a move for him to stay in Chicago.

In 2011, Demspter pitched 202.1 innings and had a 4.80 ERA. Also, Dempster walked 82 and struck out 191. For the most part, Dempster had his ups and down in 2011… 1 game he would pitch excellent and another game he pitches poorly.  

If Team Theo are seriously about rebuilding the Cubs, trading a 34 year-old is the right move. The Cubs may not get much for Dempster, as he’s a free agent after the 2012 season. But you never know, teams are desperate for starting pitchers and do overpay. Dempster does pitch over 200 innings is most of the seasons and that’s very appealing. Maybe the Cubs can get a young ready starter and a prospect with potential. Just like the Sean Marshall trade and the players they received. Also, with the new CBA, trading Dempster if the best. Since their out no Type B free agents and if anything, that’s what Dempster would be.

I don’t see Dempster being traded this offseason, but if the Cubs are officially out or close to being out, he will be a trade deadline trade. I think they would be able to get more for Demspter on or close to July 31th. Also, hoping he has a good season leading up to the trade deadline.

Side Note: The report is out of Boston, so take the rumor for what it’s worth. Reports out of Boston have been far from reliable this off-season and this is the first we have heard Ryan Dempster’s name.

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