Breaking News: This just in, the Cubs offered big Prince Fielder, 7 years worth 140 million. That’s according to Ken Rosenthal. Wow if true, that’s awesome.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have been pretty quiet in Dallas, but it sounds like their first move could on the verge of happening. No, it’s not big, but it’s a move. Here’s the latest from Dallas, Texas:

* The move the Cubs could be close on is acquiring 3B Ian Stewart. We heard yesterday that the Cubs cooled on the idea of acquiring Stewart, but Ken Rosenthal of reports the Cubs are pursuing Ian Stewart. Bruce Levine of said the Cubs still have interest in acquiring Ian Stewart, but also mentions the Cubs still have interest in Padres’ Chase Headley. Ken Rosenthal also says the Cubs and Rockies are talking about a Ian Stewart/Tyler Colvin swap. Both of whom need a change of scenery as both have struggled lately. The Cubs still would like Headley as their 3B, but the Padres are asking for too much and figure to move on. Having Stewart as the starting 3B next year does not sound good, but maybe Team Theo has a plan up their sleeves. Such as… trading Stewart in a trade for an upgrade at 3B (that’s speculation on my part, but you never know). It seems like this trade could be close and completed any time now.

The Rockies reportedly asked for DJ LeMahieu in excahnge for Ian Stewart and the Cubs said no. Good move on the Cubs part!

* Uh oh Cub fans…you may not like to hear this, but Prince Fielder to the Cubs may seem very unlikely now. It seems like Albert Pujols will re-sign with the Cards (after all) and the Marlins would switch their attention to Prince Fielder. They do like Fielder because of his age. If the Marlins offered Pujols the contract in length and the money, why wouldn’t he sign with Miami? They are about winning now and would he will have protection in the batting order. Scott Boras, Prince Fielder’s agent, said he’s looking for a 7 year contract worth upwards of 200 million. He will be cheaper than Albert and we all know the Marlins some how have the money now. If the Marlins do offer a good contract Fielder is asking for, I see him signing with the Marlins right away. But we don’t know what they will offer him. All reports regarding Prince Fielder and the Marlins are conflicting, but we should find out soon if they will make a hard push for Fielder. Also, it now seems the Marlins have moved on from Pujols as they made a big offer to pitcher CJ Wilson. The Money was not mentioned, but it was for 6 years. Wilson has been looking for a 6 year deal and wasn’t getting offered 6 years. So.. it would have looked that Wilson would be a marlin but they signed Mark Buehrle to 4 years worth 58 million (they still could still sign Wilson, though).

* There’s speculation that is the Marlins sign either of Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, the Cubs would trade for Gaby Sanchez of the Marlins. Carlos Zambrano would then be involve in the trade, but we don’t know yet. As the Marlins have not signed one of the big 1B.

— Jed Hoyer (Cubs GM) said on, that the the Prince Fielder situation was “overblown”. In response to the rumors regarding the Cubs and Fielder.

* Carlos Pena officially declined arbitration today. We all knew he would as he’s looking for a multi-year contract. Teams have talked to Pena and have said his price is ‘ridiculous’. The Cubs offered arbitration to Pena on Novenmber 23rd. Bruce Levine said today the Cubs could still re-sign Pena if all options fail. We all know that and hope it doesn’t happen or for a reasonable price. Many would rather have Brian LaHair over at 1B because of his price. I’m not one because I’m not a fan of LaHair and there’s a reason he’s pretty much been playing his career in the minors.

* Aramis Ramirez officially declined arbitration. We all know he would too, but now we know for sure. Just like Pena, the Cubs offered arbitration on November 23rd. Aramis Ramirez does have interest and rival Milwaukee Brewers could be the leader for his service. Along with the Brewers, the Angels, Tigers and Phillies have said to have interest in Ramirez. The Phillies not as much anymore as they could be close to re-signing SS Jimmy Rollins. We have not heard the Tigers as of late. So.. it seems like it could be down to the Brewers and Angels. Ramirez will not be a Cub next year, that’s a guarantee.

* The Cubs are in on pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. 5 teams, including the Cubs are interested in Kuroda according to Jon Heyman. Heyman also mentions Kuroda could still return to Japan and pitch. Kuroda is looking for a 1 year contract with a high salary, around 12 million. I say no because it’s too much for a “nothing special” pitcher. If I remember correctly, Kuroda said he would return to Japan if he can’t stay in the West. Manly wanting to sign with the Diamindbacks or Rockies, both of whom have interest in Kuroda. The Cubs already lost out on 2 pitchers to the Dodgers, Chris Capauno and Aaron Harang. The Cubs also have interest in Edwin Jackson reports Bruce Levine.

* According to Jon Morosi of, Kerry Would still would love to re-sign with the Cubs. But he wants a raise from his 2011 contract in which he made 1.5 million. That’s acceptable and Team Theo should give him the raise. It won’t be too much of an raise too. I have no question in my mind the Cubs will re-sign Kerry Wood. If they don’t, it’s likely he would retire as he has stated in the past.

So.. day 3 was more interesting.

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  1. Damn, my posts are better than yours. Yours are short, missing a lot and not always accurate. Ken Rosenthal tweeted it, but then he deleted the tweet.

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