More news regarding the Cubs and current Red Sox general manager gains more steam. Today the Cubs reportedly ask the Boston Red Sox if they can speak with Theo Epstein.

As the Boston Globe reports…”the Cubs ask the Boston Red Sox for permission to speak to Theo Epstein about a position in their organization.”

 According to Dan Shaughnessy, who was noted with the information in the Boston Globe was told by a source that the Red Sox had conversations at Fenway today about the Cubs request.

Also, according to the Boston Globe; “Because Epstein is under contract, the Red Sox would have the right to refuse such a request. They could grant it with the condition that some sort of compensation be made in exchange for hiring Epstein. Or Epstein could decline the interest.”

It’s gaining more attention that the Red Sox may ask the Cubs for a player in return for Epstein or the Red Sox give a bad contract along with Epstein. This is just pure speculation, but this is all over the web and Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe says the Cubs should take John Lackey too. If that was the case, I would start liking the deal way less. I think Lackey still has potential for great stuff, but his contract would give the Cubs less flexibilty payroll wise.

Jon Heyman of SI chipped in and says he thinks it’s a 75/25 in favor of Theo Epstein staying with the Red Sox.

Also, the Tampa Bay Rays were eliminated from the playoffs today. So…if the Cubs chose to, we could starting see rumors regarding the Rays’ general manager Andrew Friedman. But we still don’t know if that will happen.

I guess we just have to wait and see how this plays out in the next week or so.

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