They Just Keep Winning

The Blackhawks just keep winning and racking up points as they lead the NHL in points. Yes I know they’ve played the most games 2 but who cares it still feels good to be king!

The fun thing about the whole thing is that they are winning in different ways and that is still the sign of a champion. For me this was the big test for a team that wasn’t looking so good to start the season and they have performed well and showed that they have what it takes.

Like I was saying they are doing it a ton of different ways Friday they blew out the Bluejackets, Saturday they stayed close enough to win against Buffalo, Monday they came from behind to win in overtime, and last night a goalie dual that they ended up winning in overtime.  Like I’ve wrote earlier in the week on EYF winning helps teams gel.

I want to take a minute and talk about Marty Turco because how many times can you write Hossa is the man. Marty has been very good of late. He has been facing a ton of shots this season already and he has stood tall. For everyone who thought he was to old and lost a step, I disagree. Teams play confident in front of a goaltender and you can already see that the Hawks are playing confident in front of him.

Keep winning boys!


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