Baseball America: Cubs top 10 Prospects

It’s at the time where Baseball America lists the top 10 prospects for all 30 teams going int0 the 2012 season. The Chicago Cubs were up and here’s their top ten list:

1) OF Brett Jackson
2) SS Javier Baez
3) OF Matt Szczur
4) RHP Trey McNutt
5) RHP Dillon Maples
6) C Wellington Castillo
7) RHP Rafael Dolis
8) SS Junior Lake
9) 3B Josh Vitters
10) 1B Dan Vogelbach

Here’s key points of each of the Cubs top 10 prospects.

1) We will probably see Jackson in ’12 and playing centerfield. He has all the tools and is ready for the show. I think he’s the real deal and can’t wait to see him on the Cubs.

2) Baez was the Cubs top pick in the 2011 draft and was one of the best high school players to come out. He was stated as the best high school hitter in the draft. There is speculation he will move to 3B with Starlin Castro over at SS. He’s still about 3-4 years away from the majors.

3) Szczur is the fastest Cub in the minors and a good defender. He does have hitting ability and should be a good OF for years to come. He chose baseball over football. I say he’s about 2 years away.

4) McNutt has dealt with injuries, but when he pitches, he pitches pretty well. I bet if McNutt was healthy, he could have the 2 or 3 spot. He’s not projected as an ace, but a 2 or 3 starter seems right. I say he’s really close to the majors and 2013 seems right. However, with a injury to a starter, we could see him get the call-up in ’12.

5) Maples was a steal in the draft because every club thought he would not sign. However, the Cubs paid up and sign him for top dollar. Let’s just hope he pitches like they paid him. He’s still far away too and I say 3-4 years, like Baez.

6) I don’t consider Castillo a prospect anymore because he has been in the majors enough already. However, he does qualify as a prospect because he does not have enough of plate appearances in the majors. We seen him already and knows what he can do. He has a cannon of an arm and the hitting will come.

7) I love Dolis and I predict him as the Cubs future closer. He is on the Cubs 40-man roster and we saw a little action in ’11. There’s a good chance he’ll be on the team anywhere during the 2012 season. But as a RP, not a closer.

8) Lake has been opening eyes with the fans and scouts. He’s currently playing in the AFL and playing really well. Especially on the base path…Lake has been stealing like crazy. The cops are going to have to put a warrant out for him, so he stops stealing so much. Lake is probably 2 years away and will be the 3B or a 2B. But Lake played his first game in the OF during the AFL and that was a few days ago.

9) Man Vitters keep dropping…once a top ‘spect in 2008 and 2009.  People are wondering now if he’ll ever make the majors. I’m getting my doubt now too, but he has been shining as of late. I say he should be ready to go in a couple years.

10) Vogelback rounds out the Cubs top 10 prospect list. Vogelbach is a big boy with lots of power. I haven’t see stats on him, but as of right now, I say he’s on pace with Javier Baez. So…3-4 years and hope he does make the manors.

There are really no surprises on the list, but the Cubs could be good in 3-5 years, with home grown talent that Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts emphasize on. Being a Cubs fan looks like it’s going to be a lot more fun in a few more years. Not sayin’ it’s not fun now because it is and always will be.

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