Blackhawks Defense Of The Cup, Not So Great

Last night was a tough start to the Chicago Blackhawks defense of the cup. Before wide spread panic hits the streets around the Madhouse on Madison you heard it from me first (well not sorta I’m sure you’ve read it a million times already today) it’ll be fine, the Hawks will be fine and they are not going to go 0-81-1 for the rest of the season.

They did do some good things last night. The remaining forwards from last year (the core) played very well. Sharp lead the team in shots (7) and had a goal and a assist. Bryan Bickell had the first goal of the 2010/2011 season for the Blackhawks with an outstanding wrist shot in the slot on the PP assisted by Boss Hoss and Brouwer.

Sometimes you have time off from a sport and you really forget how good players really are. Duncan Keith is still just an unreal player, he just looks worlds apart from any other defensmen. He looks ready to win another Norris Trophy. Niklas Hjalmarrson played fantastic last night as always the steady Swede shows why he got the offer sheet that he did from the San Jose Shards. The rest of the defense, well I kind of wish I could forget they even played.

Nick Leddy doesn’t look NHL ready (I had a really good heated argument on the forum during the game with a gentlemen about Leddy) and I do agree that with Campbell’s injured he is just the replacement but there has to be somebody in Rockford that is more NHL ready then him. But hey, I’m not the GM or the coach so I hope the kid learns fast! (And I will eat my crow when the time comes) Brent Seabrook looked like garbage I’m not sure why, but at times looked like a rookie.

One last note Turco played well even with a couple of soft goals. I’m looking for the Hawks to play better on Saturday in front of a sold out United Center against the hated Red Wings. The place should be a “Mad House” (sorry for the reference) since the Banner is going up into the rafters.

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