Chicago Bulls Could have Dumped Richard Hamilton

The Chicago Bulls were trying to get under the luxury-tax with a trade before the February 21st deadline and could have done so by trading SG Richard Hamilton. The Bulls could have easily traded Hamilton and his 5 million salary if they were to include their 1st round pick, reports Grantland’s Zack Lowe. The Bulls opted not to and pay the luxury-tax for the 1st time in franchise history.

The Bulls have been shopping Hamilton all season, but could not find any taker. However, if the Bulls were to add the 1st-round pick with Hamiton, teams would have been interested then. The Bulls were also trying to trade Carlos Boozer as he’s another player they could have traded and not pay the luxury-tax. I can see why teams would trade for Hamilton and a 1st-round pick as Hamilton has a team option for next season which would likely be declined. The trade would make sense for the other teams, but not for the Bulls.

Yes, the Bulls will most likely have a pick in the 20’s, but the Bulls have been good at picking late in the draft. Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler are perfect examples. Possibly Marques Teague as well when he starts getting minutes.

The Bulls future can look good with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, if Nikola Mirotic ever comes over, the 1st round pick in this year’s draft and the Charlotte Bobcats future 1st round pick.

I can tell you this … I do see a championship returning to Chicago within 5 years!

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