Chicago Cubs Sign Carlos Villanueva

The Chicago Cubs have reportedly signed RHP Carlos Villanueva. It’s likely a 1-year deal, but terms of the deal were undisclosed. The Cubs have not announced the deal, so don’t put it as a ‘down’ signing until they do. But I do think the deal does get done, for once.

Villanueva is a 29-year old RHP, who’s expected to come into camp as a starter. He played for the Toronto Blue Jays last year and was in the bullpen. He was considered their ‘swingman’. As he would start if needed and if he didn’t start, he would be the long-relief out of the bullpen. The name may sound familiar because he was originally with the Milwaukee Brewers when he came to the majors.

In 2012 as a SP and a RP, Villnaueva went 7-7 with a 4.16 earn run average in 125.1 innings. He also walked 46 and struck out 122. That’s what the Cubs need, pitchers who throw strikes and Villnaueva’s walk to K ratio looks good.

Villnaueva isn’t the flash signing for a ballclub, but he’s a good signing. A nice guy who can came in on a low risk basis and shine.

As of right now, the Cubs have 6 starters … Matt Garza, Jeff Samardzija, Scott Feldman, Scott Baker, Travis Wood and now Carlos Villnaueva. The Cubs have great depth and that’s what you want to see in a team. If and when Baker is ready for action, I see Wood being the long relief out of the bullpen. Barring any changes, which is not out of question.

Jon Heyman of reported the Villnaueva signing and also says the Cubs are still in on SP Edwin Jackson. I don’t know if the Cubs will sign him, but there’s not much competition for him. Yesterday there was a report saying the Cubs and Rangers were the final suitors for Jackson. The Padres dropped out because they didn’t want to go to 4 years. Also, Ken Rosenthal of said he didn’t expect the Rangers to sign Jackson. So, you never know and time will only tell.

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