Dengerous on the Home Floor: Bulls over Bobcats

Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats, they are owned by Michael Jordan. Jordan Jordan Jordan……

I just wanted to get that out of the way. It seems like the only attribute to the Charlotte Bobcats, that is noticed outside of their fanbase, has been the owner. We have to look forward at this team and what they have. Michael isn’t going up against the Bulls, so repeating this well known fact has been very moot. What do the Bobcats have going for them? They played a defense to remember last season against the Bulls, and made Derrick look like a D-Leaguer. Rose is still out, and Watson plays the same fundamental offensive game as Rose, just at a different speed. The Warriors exploited us with this trap earlier in the season, and our team is heavily depleted after getting hit by the injury bug.

The main difference this year, is Richard Hamilton. His ability to spread the trap nullified this scheme from enough effectiveness to make a difference in this game. Not only did we see a lot of off-ball play from “Rip” to jump start our play sets, but he was able to play the game at his speed and off-set a very fast Kemba Walker.

The game was never heavily one-sided. The Bulls had some very odd line-ups on the floor to cover for Rose, Lucas III, Noah, and Gibson being out. Brian Scalabrine played early. His efforts were solid for his purpose of establishing the floor and getting our bigs some rest. With all things considered, the Bulls outpaced the Bobcats for 3 quarters and built up a small insurance policy. Luol Deng filled in so many holes, he reminded Bulls fans that he used to be the #1 guy on this team before we had the lucky ping-pong ball in 2008.

With a 80-69 lead headed into the fourth. The Bulls stuck with managing the game, and out hustled the Bobcats best effort to come back. The Bobcats out-rebounded the Bulls, they shot better from the field, but lost the game by turning over the ball each and every time they were able to scrounge up a run.

The Bulls defeat the Michael Jordan Bobcats, 95-89 and move to 15-3 for the season.

Next Game: Monday, January 23rd at the UC to face the New Jersey Nets. Tip off at 7:00PM CST

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