I had the opportunity to ask Jared Mitchell, a top prospect in the White Sox organization some questions. Check our conversation out here!

PH: A lot of players have nicknames, by any chance do you have one?

JM:  JMitch if anything.

PH: When you get to the majors, what would you like your at-bat song to be?

JM:  Ha, hmmmm at-bat song, not sure, but I would like it to mean something. You know, something with substance, more than just a good beat. I would like it to be something where the fans can get to know something more about me.

PH: You’re in the ESPN3.com commercial, how do you feel about that?

JM: It’s pretty cool being in the commercial, it makes me want to work harder and put myself in memorable situations.

PH: Looking back to when you were drafted, can you reflect on what’s happened since that day in comparison to what you expected?

JM:  It’s been “Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, and more Baseball” since the draft. I look forward to more every day.

PH: Do you have any specific goals for the rest of the season?

JM:  My goals are to just get stronger everyday and, get back to playing form. Anything to make me better.

PH: When you were a kid, which player did you idolize and look up to?

JM:  I was a huge fan of Griffey, Andruw Jones and Torii Hunter. Jim Edmonds too, plenty of respect for them all.

PH: Who was your favorite team?

JM:  I never really had a favorite team, but always watched the Braves as they were broadcasted on TBS a lot.

PH: To those of us who will never play, what’s the big difference between pro camp and other camps?

JM:  Much more relaxed and business like. You get your work in and get out. You really feel like an adult for the first time at these camps.

PH: Do you have any idea what your number will be — or what you want it to be — when you reach the big leagues?

JM:  I am not sure, but I really want it to be a single digit number. My favorite number is 3, but we all know that isnt happening.

PH: Which one of your teammates has most impressed you?

JM:  Big leaguer, I’ll have to go with Thornton. He’s impressive and fun to watch and face. Minor leaguer, I’m a fan of Eduardo Escobar. His energy and overall attitude everyday is fun to be around. plus the guy can really play.

PH: When do you think we can see you in a Chicago White Sox uniform?

JM:  Ha thats not up to me, I’m just gonna go out and play and get better everyday. However, I will say this, if I progress the way I feel I can in this game, im gonna go with sooner than later.

From a reader, “How’s the ankle treating you?”

JM:  The ankle is getting better man, day by day. I am just looking forward to when its back to regular.

From a reader, “What was your favorite part about playing at LSU”?

JM: The fans definitely, and the chance to play against the country’s best competition from the SE . Good times.

From a reader, “How did it feel when you won the National Championship?”

JM:  Winning the “natty'”was fun, definitely a memory I’ll never forget. Sweet feeling that makes you wanna work harder to get back there at the next level.

From a reader, “What is the hardest part about being a pro ball player?”

JM:  Bringing your A game everyday, or better yet having the mindset to allow you to bring that everyday. It’s a challenge, but I love a challenge.

From a reader, “Do you ever get nervous before a game?”

JM:  Nope, I actually don’t get nervous before games anymore. I try to remove myself from all the hype and focus on the task at hand


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