If 7-1 Isn’t Good Enough, Then Nothing Is

To start off this 10 game road trip the Sox are currently on, they have won 7 of the first 8 games.  With 2 to go, the Sox can post the first ever 9-1 road trip in team history.

Sounds good right?


While the Sox have been doing this, the Twins, who happen to have a 3.5 (soon to be 4.5) game lead on the Sox have matched everything the Sox have done.  During the Sox 6 game win streak, the Twins won 5 of their own, and lead the Royals handily early which will make it 6.

The Sox have played arguably the best ball of the year, and feel awful about it.  The fact is, if 7-1 on the road isn’t enough to pick up some ground, then there’s just no way this thing can be done.

If the Sox were to win every single game that remains on the schedule (24 games), the Twins would have to lose 5 of their final 23.  That puts them at 18-5.  Think that’s possible?  Cause I sure do.

The Twins play 3 games the rest of the season against a team in the playoff chase.  Those are the 3 in Chicago with our Sox.

23 games, 17 of which against teams with losing records, 9 against teams named Kansas City and Cleveland, and 10 of the 23 at home where they have lost 1 of their last 7 games.

18 wins is all they need.  And that’s with the Sox reeling off an MLB record 24 game win streak.

It’s just not possible.

Sweep the Twins, or forget about it.  And we all know that simply does not happen.  The Sox 4 game swept the Twins in June of 2008, but the Twinks were amidst a 6-11 stretch.

Doubt the Sox can do it again.  And even if they do, they still won’t take over first, and you can’t count on the Twins to lose even 1 game not against the Sox.

The push the South Siders just made was impressive.  It was actually amazing in many ways.

But all it really did was extend the hope for 1 more week.  Because the team they are chasing, simply does not lose.

Sorry to inform everyone, but this season is ovah.

One thought on “If 7-1 Isn’t Good Enough, Then Nothing Is

  • September 8, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Pretty crazy to think a team can go on this kind of roll, yet still have so much angst when it comes to their outcome.

    The Twins simply won’t let this team beat them.

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