Interview: White Sox 2010 2nd rd pick Jacob Petricka

Joining me today is Jacob Petricka. Jacob was drafted with the 63rd pick in the 2010 MLB Draft by the Chicago White Sox.

PH: As a child, who was you favorite team?

JP:  My favorite team growing up was the Minnesota Twins but now my favorite team is the team that is giving me a chance to live my dream, so currently the White Sox.

PH: What was your favorite College baseball experience?

JP:  My favorite college experience was pitching in the JUCO World Series. Pitching in front of the large crowds is a great rush.

PH: You were drafted 63rd by the White Sox, was that higher or lower then you expected.

JP:  It was a little lower than expected but in all I’m very happy with the way things played out.

PH: What would you say your best pitch is?

JP:  My best pitch is my fastball. I can use it to blow by hitters and then I can also use it to set hitters up for a good offspeed pitch.

PH: What is your best strength as a ball player?

JP:  My best strength as a player is my determination not to give up. I could have called it quits when I tore my ligament but I used it as a way to get stronger as a player both mentally and physically.

PH: What do you need to work on as a player?

JP: I need to work on my command of all my pitches. Especially the command of my off speed ones.

PH: Have you had a chance to talk to any players or managers with the Sox yet?

JP: Yes I have had a chance to talk with the coaches here in Bristol. They are a great group of guys and with their help I know I will be able to achieve my goals quickly.

PH: When you get to the majors, which stadium are you most looking forward to playing in?

JP:  I’m really looking forward to pitching in the new Target field because its the newest stadium out there and it’s always fun playing on new fields.

PH: Which batter are you most looking forward to facing?

JP:  I’m looking forward to facing any major league batters because I have seen most of them on TV and getting to pitch against them will be amazing.

PH: Overall, what does Jacob Petricka bring to the table?

JP: I bring everything I got to the table and will never bring less.

Thank You again to Jacob, be sure to stay tuned for future interview’s.

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