Interview With Bulls Beat Reporter David Schuster

Thanks to social networking, I was able to speak with Chicago Bulls beat reporter David Schuster from Chicago Sports Radio WSCR 670 The Score. If you’re not familiar with David, where the heck have you been? He’s been covering Chicago sports for the last 30 years. He was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions about today’s Bulls game and where he thinks the team will finish…


Rick Mollway: Well first I’d like to say thanks for letting me interview you…What were your thoughts on today’s game?


David Schuster: I thought that Indiana was the better team for 45 minutes but like the Sox they had no closer…meanwhile Rose was great as usual and willed his team to victory.


RM: Rose was incredible today. He carried the team on his back. How important is it for one of the other guys like Boozer or Deng to become the “number 2 guy” in case Rose struggles? The Bulls may not be so lucky like they were today against the Miami’s and Boston’s of the league.


DS: Boozer is the key…..They got him because he gives them a low post scorer…..that’s imperative in this post season.


RM: Yes it is and it didn’t help that he got into foul trouble early. What adjustments do you see the Bulls making between now and game 2?


DS: They have to defend the pick 7 roll much better. [Pacers’ point guard Darren] Collison killed them with it early and eventually it will tire down Rose.


RM: Last two questions for you David, how do you see the rest of this series playing out and where do you think the Bulls will finish in this postseason?


DS: I think the Bulls will tighten up their D and win this series in 5….but will have a lot of trouble with Miami in the conference finals.


RM: Thanks a lot David for giving me an opportunity to speak with you tonight.


DS: No prob…hope it helped.


Thank you again to David Schuster.

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