Intra-Division Games Will Determine AL Central

The Sox started the 2010 season just 2-7 against the division.  As they moved into May, the record jumped to 5-4.  June 4-5, and July 4-3.  With a plethora of divisional games remaining, the Sox must pick up the pace against these teams if they want to qualify for the post season.

This month they are already 2-1, and with 15 more games this month against the AL Central, the Sox have got to keep up the good ball against the teams.

Oddly enough, the games against the Twinks are not as important as they may seem.  Sure winning them would be nice, but if you sweep the Royals and Indians and the Twinks win just 5 of 6 from those two, you have picked up a game.  Beating the division is critical.

No matter how good or how bad each of the teams are, they will always give you tough series.  The Indians and Royals have both battled the Sox well this season.  But there is a new White Sox team since the one that was losing to those teams.

Pick up your game, just like you have been, and go ahead and stomp these low level Central teams.

So far so good with this series in Detroit, but with the 15 more left in this month, the AL Central rivalries will surely decide your division winner.

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