It would bring the passion and enthusiasm from the old Bulls back to modern basketball.

I don’t compare the past and present, neither create hype, but this is too great to not write about.

The Chicago Bulls have always lacked that one veteran, clutch, superstar type player. D. Rose can certainly become a consistent presence as of now, being that he established himself by coming on hot at the end of the year, but the fact being- he’s just too young.

Cleveland, on the other hand, has LeBron dropping 30, while every other teammate has 10 or less. With the Bulls, it’s Rose attaining 20 or more, Joakim Noah; another young project, with 10 or more.

Also, Luol Deng hits the twenties or more sometimes. It already seems like a better supporting staff compared to the Cavs.

Additionally, our future coach (let’s hope he’s a good one,) would almost certainly trust LeBron with the ball in any scenario.

While I know the media blows up LeBron with an amazing amount of support, he is still an outstanding player.

To me, he also seems like a pretty good teammate. James has massive respect for the fantastic sport of basketball, stating that he doesn’t think anyone should wear the number 23. That being in honor of legend Michael Jordan.

That being said, if LeBron came to Chi-Town, we would definitely be top contenders…for the first time over a long period of indeed that; time.

Some questions are still being thrown around, as expected.

Who will be our new head coach? Does LeBron even like Chicago? Is it possible?

The answer to the first question, according to me:

I don’t know, but I do know that whoever it is will be told: “LeBron is our guy. We will not leave him out. Treat him well.”

Does this mean he will be coaching the coach? No. LeBron isn’t like this. I very seriously doubt he’ll come into any team with the mentality that he’s the entire team. Will he enjoy being treated like a king? I’m sure, as anyone would, but it wouldn’t make his head implode with cockiness.

The second question: LeBron was a fan of Chicago as a kid. Still realize that he’s only 25, coming into the NBA outta high school. This could help, but I’ve, personally, heard many rumors that Jay-Z; the rapper of course, influences his decisions. Apparently Jay-Z is a tight friend and an idol? I can’t answer that at this time, but I will certainly look into it.

The final question, last but not least: Is it even possible?

No question. Of course. Just the thought of LeBron being a possibility for Chicago makes me excited and prepared for another season of fingernail biting.

James coming to the Bulls would improve everyone. Rose wouldn’t have as much pressure to be the main man, our youth could grow under his wing, I’m sure you heard it all.

What intrigues me is the coaching decision.

If LeBron was here, there’s no doubt that Paxton and company would consult LeBron before bigger moves…similar to Jay Cutler and the Bears.

Don’t get too excited, it may not even happen. Let’s all support the positive cause for our beloved Chicago Bulls in as many ways as possible. And keep dreaming about the possibility of LeBron James, wearing a Chicago Bulls uniform and dropping 30-per-game.

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