All this talk of the Sox claiming Manny Ramirez, in the event he is placed on waivers, has drawn a lot of buzz to the South Side.  And while I agree with earlier posts, as well as comments from Kenny Williams and the media, that Manny would be a great addition, there’s a better guy out there for the current state of the Sox.

The first name that comes to mind is Brian Fuentes, but he was pulled back earlier this year and cannot be moved.  However, there are plenty more options out there on the waiver wire.

The Sox bullpen has imploded for almost 2 weeks straight now.  Dating back to the first Orioles series, there has been no sure thing in the Sox pen.  Chris Sale has emerged as an up and coming star, but the month old pro is not the answer to the bullpen problems.

With the injury to Thornton, and now with Putz’s problems (both injury and getting outs), bullpen help becomes almost a must have for the White Sox.

The salary makes more sense, the player-cost would be lower, and it would certainly give the Sox a much better shot of winning now.

If you can move a couple low level prospects to sure up a bullpen that is struggling mightily in late-August, it’s almost impossible to not do.

Obviously no reliever is quite like a Manny Ramirez, and won’t exicte the masses in that way.  But as many homers as Manny hits, he still can’t get the final 9 outs of the game.  And that’s where this team needs help right now.

I’m not saying don’t get Manny.  But I am saying, there’s a bigger need, and if the opportunity arises, Kenny must jump on it.

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