NBA Draft: Are the Chicago Bulls trying to trade up?

With the NBA Draft just around the corner, the rumors are starting to heat up and the newest one includes the Chicago Bulls.

ESPN’s Chad Ford released the latest version of his mock NBA Draft and he had an interesting note about the Chicago Bulls.  Ford claims the Bulls are trying to trade up to grab a shooting guard and will use the offer of their 16th and 19th overall pick.

The team they are trying to deal with? The Denver Nuggets who own the 11th pick in this years draft.

According to Ford:

The Bulls have been trying to move up in the draft to get an elite shooter. Their target has been Denver with an offer of the 16th and 19th pick for 11. If they get there, Gary Harris or Nik Stauskas will be the guy with them likely leaning toward Stauskas.

Now the Bulls have been involved in rumors that include Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, both of which involve the Bulls draft picks as well. That’s one option. The other option is the one Ford described, where the Bulls trade up to grab a shooting guard.

Ford has the Bulls drafting Tyler Ennis and Rodney Hood in the mock draft if they decide to keep their picks.

It’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

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