Derrick Rose isn’t the only Bull in the FIBA World Championships, nor is he the only Bull on an undefeated team.

Turkey’s already defeated France to go 6-0 and make it to the quarter finals.  In fact Turkey and Team USA might be heading towards a matchup in the World Championship finals.

Omer Asik plays a key role for Turkey as their third leading scorer, leading rebounder, and interior defender.   I’m not going to lie to you, I hadn’t been follwoing Asik’s Eurpoean tour much, but on a slow labor day weekend, I decided to go back and watch a few of his games in the archives to deliver a scouting report.

I started off with the France vs Turkey given that the game was in the knock out round and France features a couple of NBA rotation players (Batum and Diaw).

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By: Doug Thonus

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